Kiteboarding Kites & Wingsurfing Wings

Welcome to Dragonfly. We design and build a unique range of Kiteboarding kites and Wingsurfing wings geared to suit a range of riders from beginners to advanced,  and various disciplines  including  foilers!, waveriders, freestylers, and freeriders. We also have gear specifically designed gear for women and kids. Our team is committed to create quality products that include some of the best classical design, and always incorporating the latest design innovations.

Dragonfly Freewing

Introducing the latest Dragonfly Freewing. The Freewing is a handheld wing for wing-surfers and wing-foilers. This 2020 Freewing has just been released, and the same shape that you know and love, now with even more refinements. The Freewings are lightweight are free to move in any direction, and they are versatile enough for any flight mode. Freewings are equally at home on Flatwater, Surf, Street, and Snow. The Freewing is the result of our ongoing in-house R&D program, and the Freewing is now already in its 4th iteration.

Evolution: Following the success of the Freewing 2019 range, we are excited to announce the new Freewing 2020 series, which has just emerged from our intensive development and testing phase.

*The 2020 Series has just arrived and is now available to the public. Our international team of designers and testers has literally been working around the clock (and in multiple timezones) designing, building, and testing the new model series prototypes and proving the latest iterations of the Freewing concept.

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Swoop Kites

The Dragonfly Swoop is an all-round kite that is light, fast, and perfect for freestyle, freeride, and foilboarding. The kite features a single strut design, that provides enough stability, but without the additional weight of multiple struts.

The range extends from the smallest sizes preferred by foilers as well as lighter persons. However, the Swoop is equally as comfortable as a wave kite for directional board riders. and the smaller sizes are popular as fully functional kite trainers. The range extends into the larger sizes that have excellent performance, especially in the lighter wind conditions. Lightweight design makes relaunch better and low wind flying easier.

Dragonfly Swoop is available in 2.6m, 3.0m, 4.0m, 6.0m, 8.0m, 11m, 13m, and 16m.


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