Freewing Boom

Introducting the Freewing WingBoom. The Wingboom is an almnium boom with a soft EVA foam grip. Wingbooms are adjustable length to suit various Freewing Sizes. Freewing Wingbooms are specifically designed for Wingsurfing, and they are designed for optimum utilization with Freewing Wings (although they may be used on several other wing brands). All Dragonfly Freewing Wings are built to receive the Boom upgrade. Special boom mounting points and reinforcements are already included as standard on all models and versions of Freewings. Wingbooms are built tough an can handle tough conditions. Continue reading “Freewing Boom”

Kite Lines

Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) 

Uhmwpe fiber 4 line 25m kitesurfing line set end looped
The right choice of kite line is essential if you want to get the maximum performance from your kite.
Our kite Lines are made from hi-grade uhmwpe fiber using the most modern construction techniques. This is combined with a sophisticated extreme pre-stretching process to give you the best performance and lowest stretch. In addition a highly UV-resistant coating helps to reduce friction and prolong life and aids to lower water absorption. The optimized construction of our kite Lines ensures the best strength-to-weight ratio with minimum aerodynamic drag. Each kite line set is color coded for safety and ease of use.

Key Features

  • Color coded line for easy left/right and brake line identification
  • Extra long sewn sleeved end loops for easy line attachment
  • Strand: 8×1
  • Pre-stretched
  • End looped
  • Line Strength: 400kg
  • Line Length(s): available in 20m and 25m
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