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Dragonfly Freewing™. The Freewing is a handheld wing for wing-surfers and wing-foilers. This latest model wing is a new version for 2020.  The new model has a multitude of refinements from the previous model. These lightweight wings are very versatile for a range of ride styles. Skate.  SUP- or Foil with it. The wing comes complete with handles, back-pack carry bag, and *Bonus Pump.

Freewing Concept: Our design concept is to have a Wing with the simplicity of an inflatable kite, that must be portable for travel and for expeditions. It should be very quick to deploy. It should have (*the option of) no spars or bars, so it can be lightweight, safe, and pack down small. It must perform well and be easy to use. And, it can be used on any medium; Water, Land, Snow, or Ice.


  • Inflatable No-Spar design: Easy, light, and safe.
  • Dihedral Wing Design aids stability and handling.
  • Single Point Inflation: Hiflo 2-way Valve, with an isolating clip on the strut hose.
  • Center-strut: the center strut is much more than a hand-hold, it is an integral part of the wing’s structure, stabilizing the canopy without the need for battens.
  • Strut Junction: The center strut’s junction with the LE gives the Freewing wing its superior torsional strength, it also adds to the wing’s overall rigidity without needing to add a heavy boom.
  • The center strut also adds up to 24 liters extra buoyancy for easier relaunching and added safety.
  • Hi-Viz Window: The Freewing Features 2 large windows in the canopy so you can see where you are going, should you need to negotiate traffic, avoid hazards, or when you want to look down the line at the wave walling up in front of you.


  • Removable handle system: 8 Adjustable and removable handles can adjust to the desired size for different riders and ride styles.
  • Webbing track: Our first-of-its-kind innovation is a “multi-point webbing system” that allows a huge range of handle placement options.
  • Handles can be reconfigured and positioned according to each fliers preference, and because the “ideal handle setup” actually changes with each different wind-speed, and new ride mode.
  • The flight mode can be “reconfigured” with various upgrade options like SUP paddle, or optional Boom.

Sizing and Specs: The Freewing now comes in 4 Sizes; the 2.5m, 3m, 4m, and 5m. Please note that the unique design of the Freewing gives it a high “Projected Area” relative to the “Measured Area”. This means that a 4m wing will have a similar projected area to a 6m kite. The ideal size wing will vary according to your body weight, wind conditions, and ride mode. Generally, any Foilcraft (like SUP-foiler for example) will require less wind power than traditional planing boards.

SIZE 2.5m 3m 4m 5m
WINDRANGE 18-35 20-30 14-22 10-20


Freewing-kit includes: Each wing-kit includes; 1 Freewing, 8 removable handles, 1 backpack-style carry-bag, 1 bladder patch kit, 1 spare valve O-ring, *Double-action air-pump (usually sold separately) now included in 2020 packages.

ORDER NOW: Dragonfly Freewings are in stock now, but are quickly sold out. Back-orders also available in about 4-6 weeks. Dealer inquiries are also welcome. Order your Freewings now at dragonflykiteboarding.com/shop or Contact your nearest Dragonfly Freewing Dealer

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