Freewing Caution Notice

Always use extreme caution when using this product:
Wing-surfing is an extreme sport so take care.
All watersports and wind sports have inherent risks.
Risks include serious injury, permanent disability, drowning, and death.
Do not use this product unless you accept all risks associated with its use.Always seek out professional instruction before attempting to use this product.

Only use this product as intended: It is not a flying device, it is not a life-saving device, it is not a transportation device, or means of conveyance. This product is intended for fun and recreational enjoyment only. Be aware that this is an inflatable product that could rapidly deflate at any time.

Safety Gear:
Always use an appropriate leash with a quick release. Always use appropriate safety equipment like helmets, life jackets, and protective clothing. Do not adapt, alter, or change this wing or associated systems in any way, otherwise you risk creating unintended problems that could greatly increase the risk factors.

Safe Operation:
Stay a safe distance from any hazardous object, other boats, and other people. Never fly near power lines, fishing lines, roads, or traffic areas.
Never attempt to fly/jump over obstacles or solid ground.
Never fly in a manner that is dangerous to other people or property.
Always ride with a buddy, who can help you in an emergency.
Never ride further from the shore than the distance you can comfortably swim in.
Do not use this product when you are tired or under the influence of alcohol or other drugs that may impair your reflexes,  strength,  endurance,  vision, or judgement. Children should not attempt to use this product without the direct supervision of an adult.

Only ever operate this device in the appropriate weather conditions.
Ideal wind range for this product is 10 -15mph winds. Risks increase with wind-speed.  Do not use this product in very high wind. Never attempt to use this wing in unstable weather, storms, rain squalls, or hurricane.  Always consider the effects of surf, waves, current, tides, and changing water levels. Always know your water depth and be aware of underwater submerged hazards. 

If in doubt, don’t go out! 

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