Freewing Wingsurfing

The Freewing Wingsurfing Wing is now Available in Four sizes. 2.5m, 3m, 4m, 5m.

Due to the success of the Freewwing and the increasing demand from riders of all sizes, we have added two new sizes to our lineup. Formerly we have had the 4m and 3m, which will likely remain the most popular, but we have now added the compact 2.5m on the smaller end, and a 5m on the larger end.

This gives more people more options when it comes to wingsurfing. Depending as much on your ride style and your wind speeds, the choice of wing size matters. As with many wind and foil sports thee are several factors to consider. Beginners will tend to favor the smaller sizes, because they are easier to handle. Wing surf schools will love the smaller sizes for this reason, and the light-wind riders and people out for a SUP cruise will love the larger sizes.

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