SPI Inflation System

Dragonfly Kites use the Single Point Inflation System (SPI). The Struts are connected to the leading edge via hoses, so that the kite can always be rapidly inflated and deflated from one single point. Inflation is controlled at the kite’s main valve. Each strut can also be isolated with the strut hose clamps. The hose clamps can ratchet closed by squeezing them through the neoprene sleeve. The hose clamps can me reopened by opening the clamp’s latch.

Closing off the struts after inflation is useful for “sausage rolling” the kite. Or for situations like  during a self-rescue when the main bladder may deflate, and the clamped struts can then provide some residual buoyancy.

The struts DO NOT not need to be clamped for normal operation, this is optional. The strut clamps however DO need to be opened to be able to inflate or deflate the kite.

Never Open the Access Zip while the Kite is inflated. Always to remember to close the access zip after bladder repair or replacement.

Main Valve Cover: Keeps sand out, and stops lines getting tangled on valve.

Access Zip:  Use this for kite repairs only (otherwise do not open).

Pump Leash Loop: Attach the pump’s leash here when inflating kite.

Strut Hose: Check hoses before each session, replace as necessary.

Hose Clamp: Open before inflation or deflation.