What is Wingsurfing?

WingSurfing: Wingsurfing is a wind-powered watersport that uses a handheld symmetrical wing to power a surfboard or foilboard, It has similar traits to windsurfing, and kiting, and is almost a hybrid of both. Wing-skiing has been around for 15-20 years however recent improvements in Wing design, combined with the rise of foilboards, have propelled this new sport into the spotlight. Wingsurfing has really started to get noticed and is quickly attracting followers. Wingsurfing is less extreme than kiteboarding which adds to its general appeal.

A wingsurfer

Foilwingsurfing: Foil-wing-surfing is wingsurfing on a foilbard, this offshoot of Wingsurfing has started to unlock the full potential of the surfing wing. The low drag of the foilboard allows the rider to use a smaller wing, which is lighter and easier to handle.


Wingboarding: Wingsurfing on a landboard is the landbased form of the sport. Easy-rolling low-friction landboards are a natural mode for the wings. Wingboarding can be picked up fairly quickly and is a great method for mastering the fundamentals of wing flying.


Wingskiing: wingskiing is the progenitor sport of wingsurfing. These wings have been around for years and have astonishing performance. The low friction environment of snow allows the wing to be smaller and easier to handle.

Most Wingsurfing wings are still in the prototype stage, but a few manufacturers will have models ready for public release very soon. Read More..

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